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blu ray projector combo
I'm building a house and want some advice on a home theater.?

I have all the material chosen and wants to know what yall think that Sony 3LCD Projector HD Home Theater VPLAW15 Draper 65 "x116", 133 "diagonal display (HD) Sony STR-DG910 7.1 receiver (a receiver with 3 HDMI inputs only) Philips System HTS3555 5.1-channel audio HDMI Super Booster Cable 50 '(from the receiver to the projector) 3 HDMI Cable 4' (Xbox 360 for the receiver, the receiver Directv and a DVD with the receiver) LG – Super Blu High-Definition Multiplayer BH200 model (Blu-ray/HD DVD Combo) Milan Rocker Theater up 3 rows of 4-row seat Paramount Home Theater of 2 Haier Brew Master Distributor HBF05EABB, I have not been decided at a popcorn machine. I have some classic arcade games. My wife and I live and bought $ 18 movie posters. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions on the establishment? Thanks.

Your project seems to be pretty good size. Consequently, information and comments below are provided in this context. First, I do not recommend the LG Super Blu BH200 disc player multi-format. Despite behaves well when it comes to video quality, it has serious shortcomings when it comes to the latest high performance surround sound formats, not to mention is not entirely "BD Live (Profile 2.0)" or "ROM2 Format" compliant. "ROM2 Format" BD line players such as Panasonic awaited DMP-BD50 will be available this spring at a price lower than LG BH200 Super Blu with the performance should meet or exceed the Super Blu BH200. If you also want the ability HD DVD, I recommend adding an HD DVD Toshiba HD-A30. The following quotes are taken Review of Thomas J. Norton "LG Super Blu Player BH200: "In all cases, the important point here is that in our tests the LG Super Blu player would not output Dolby TrueHD in multichannel form of production, any what resolution. "The failure to give the user the best audio encoded in several high-definition discs is a serious fault." "I do not need, but I-you can buy good players, individually, for both HD DVD and Blu-ray for less than the price of this LG. And these players, in some respects, do more. "Panasonic DMP-BD50 Blu-ray Disc ™ Panasonic DMP-BD50 servlet / prModelDetail press? = 11,301 + 13,251 = catalog & Itemid = 215165 StoreID modeln Content01052008065621607 & & = = surfModel Panasonic Content01052008065621607 discussion Player DMP-BD50 BDLive ________________________ The Sony VPL-AW15, as good as it is for a low cost of 1280 × 720 projector is not a good choice when it comes to project a video image through 84 inches or more. For a slightly higher, it does much better (1080p/24) performance in all areas, Epson projectors listed below. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080 UB Projector (V11H262120) Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 1080 UB Projector (V11H262020) jsp? BV_UseBVCookie = yes & oid = 63073680 ________________________ For a home theater setup, recommends budget projection screens the size maximum following format ezFrame Elite Screens Elite Screens 1.78:1 (16:9): 100 or 106 cm (fig.) (less tolerant of all the ambient light in the room. Superior screen gain) – or – Criterion CARAD 1.78:1 format projection series: 100, 106, or 110 inches ________________________ The Philips home theater system you select is almost enough room for a moderate to high. If you want to avoid pain, I recommend you consider purchasing an alternative, the material of choice from the list below. The team is among the least expensive, quite complete, A, EV / equipment to provide a sufficient level of performance for a project the size of your home theater. Onkyo TX-SR875 7.1 channel home theater receiver Onkyo TX-SR875 review Denon AVR-3808CI 7.1 Channel A / V receiver RX-V3800 Yamaha RX-V1800 or 7.1-channel Theater Receivers / avreceivers / Rxv_rxz.html? DIFCO = 5000300 Yamaha RX-V1800 RX-V3800 compared = 5 Pioneer VSX-92TXH 7.1 channel Electronics A / V receiver Sony Series STR-DA4300ESES home theater A / V receiver range Theater Project home, like yours seems to be, there is a better option, but is a bit more expensive: buy a receiver and Onkyo TX-SR705 Receiver 7.1 channels, for use as a preamp / processor (amplifier and a backup if necessary), and add separate power amplifiers for various channels, such as patterns of Outlaw Audio, Anthem, Adcom, Simaudio, etc. should also be borne in mind that there are times when it is advantageous to share the tasks between the amplification of amplifiers separately, to simplify wiring requirements. Another note: If you are in the remodeling process you should seriously consider installing a dedicated circuit power of film industry at home, including dedicated switchboard. You can also request information on installing electrical ground isolation. ________________________ Key to get a visceral impact to a home theater audio requires the purchase of high-performance subwoofer that is free from tension face the task of reproducing LFE content is found in many high power today, high definition movies. I made a list of moderately wide selection of some of the costs lower speaker systems are able to provide a convincing home theater and nice (and music) audio experience. * SVSound PB13-Ultra Powered Subwoofer Subwoofers Done – Testing and Discussion Aperion Audio Intimus System 633 (without subwoofer) : / / Revel Concerta Series president system pt / cpt action = CPT and urlid = 16679005 & url = http:// Ascend Acoustics Athena Technologies (Listening to the series or LS) Atlantic Technology Speakers Definitive Technology (or Mythos ProCinema 1000 system, there is no subwoofer *) ProCinema Presidents system Energy Epos (six ELS ELS 3 and 3C, there is no subwoofer *) http:/ . php / / Epic / index.html Paradigm Speakers Polk Audio Electronics PSB Speakers (Six Alpha B1 and C1 a, no subwoofer *) Triad Speakers Usher Audio Technology Blue ________________________ Jeans Cable (HDMI, S / PDIF, etc) Blue Jeans Cables high definition HDMI cable Multimedia Interface cables and adapters BetterCables – Home Theater Cables obviously total cost of the equipment that I recommend to exceed the total cost of the equipment listed, but the benefits far outweigh the relatively small cost savings to be given account. If you must select the individual recommendations equipment fits your budget and improve if necessary. Please note, once you have purchased equipment A / V your list and if it finds that the material is unsuitable for the job as I suspect yes, then you will have to needlessly increase the cost of your home theater system when the time to buy "good" material. It is my intention to help avoid unnecessary costs while mounting a home theater should be fun for many years. ######## ######## RESOURCES seeks to build a movie theater two – any suggestions where to start? Keith Yates Design Group Blu-ray Disc-ray chart 20Blu ########% 20Players.html A / V of media and press ######## http:// UltimateAV AVguide perfect vision (superseded by Playback) reading Sound and Vision magazine CNET Reviews http://www. Widescreen Review Home Theater HDTV HDTVexpert magazine Secrets of Home Theater and High Http:// Fidelity HDTV Solutions SoundStage! A / V Audio Ideas Guide Home Entertainment Audio Video Revolution ######## ######## CHAT AV Science (AVS) http://www . Audioholics Home Theater Forum Home Theater Forum Forum AVForums (UK) of http://www.highdefforum HD Forum. com

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